vrijdag 12 september 2014

DT day at Meljen's Designs

Hi everyone!!
I had lost my inspiration this week but luckily there's Pinterest. I couldn't think of anything to make for my blogpost for today so I went browsing on Pinterest and found this cute milkcarton.
It's really easy to make and it makes a perfect last minute gift.

I've used "Berry Happy" on my milkcarton and fuzzycutted the strawberry so it popped a little more. I've decorated my milkcarton with a big flower and some leaves, punched two holes in the top and put a ribbon through it. Before you tie it closed, you can fill it with little treats of your choice like sweats or cookies.
(If you want you could even make a little window in it, so you can see what's inside)
Don't forget to take a look at the shop because Melissa gave the shop a fabulous make-over!! In honour of the shop upgrade she's got a sale going on!

Until next time!

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